Arigato Sushi



At lunch time we fill our counter with a huge variety of sushi, sashimi and many Asian dishes to give you the chance of trying all our creations. From traditional sushi to fusion sushi trough Japanese noodles including dumplings, tempura and cold salads.


The best of Arigato experience!

We started this trip with our chef starters but it is the sushi and sashimi combo  the center of all the attentions. In this tasting menu you can also order Temakis, Gyosas or Pasta always made at the moment. And it does not end here! They are also served in ALL YOU CAN EAT scheme our gunkans, braised nigiris, sushi and sashimi, which will make you want to return.

Do you want to order and pick it up on one of our restaurants?


Parque das Nações               Campo Pequeno

21 896 71 32                        21 795 0673


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