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In 2007, when we opened the first Arigato in Parque das Nações, we had the intention of revolutionizing the offer in the traditional sushi market in Portugal. We wanted to make sushi more accessible: with a balanced and fair price but also adapt it to more western consumption. A revolutionary goal!

The passion for fusion cuisine mixing cultures and flavors was the distinctive feature of our creations that quickly became a strong reference in Portuguese sushi market. The freshness and quality of our products worked with the art and mastery of our chefs produce our result: the best Fusion sushi with an extreme respect for Japanese tradition.

Two years later, in 2009, we felt the need to broaden our presence in Lisbon and opened a new space in the middle of Campo Pequeno Square.

In 2017 we have completed 10 years in Lisbon. In 2018, we prepared several novelties with the same quality that we have marked the sushi world in the capital a decade ago.

What more in 2019? Let’s travel to Asia!

Henrique Macedo, the leader of a great team!

Chef certified by AJSA (All Japan Sushi Association) and since 2016 is the chief executive (and partner) of the Arigato group.


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